Magick Town

For three thousand years, witches have been scapegoated, ridiculed, oppressed, and murdered.   Magick Town is a satirical fantasy novel about a Wiccan coven in a small, Kansas wheat farming community who sue the Christian god for peace in an astral court Between the Worlds.


Raising energy to help heal a dying friend, the witches are beaten and forbidden to practice witchcraft any more. Defying local law, they circle, anyway, and three gods manifest to champion their oppression, establishing a circle around the town, nine miles in radius, which partially isolates the town from the world, and within which the coven has unlimited obvious practical magick.

Regardless of the magickal isolation, issues are raised that peak the interest and involvement of the entire world from network news investigations, to people around the globe, to the deepest resources of the Church in Rome.

The witches have been hurt yet again. The gods are angry. The Wiccan Rede is tested, “An it harm none, do as you will.” The Rule of Three is tested, for what they do comes back to them—yet differently, this time.

Sometimes funny, sometimes outrageous, and sometimes deadly serious, Magick Town, uses stereotypes and expectations, which are exaggerated for humor, to make satirical points. Characters are classic and quirky. Practical magick is obvious, and the gods manifest so everyone can see them.

Magick Town is an off-beat, sideways look at these ancient issues that recur through the ages.

Magick Town can be DOWNLOADED at the links to the right. It will soon available at Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and others on the web.

Katie Cove


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